Over the next decade and beyond, we will witness the arrival of a technological tsunami that will redefine life on earth, give birth to an entirely new future, and redefine what it means to be human.

The breadth and depth of change we’re experiencing is happening at breakneck speed and, more so than ever before, we need to think very differently about our lives, our future, our opportunities, and how we intend to manage new levels of complexity that we’ve never before witnessed.

Regardless of whatever else emerges, the one critical, personal attribute that will dominate the future, is creativity.

As we understand more about music, in particular, creative music education, we’re beginning to understand the extent to which creative musicianship impacts the development of our brains. Science is discovering and revealing more about how creative approaches to music education alter the structure of the brain’s white matter, contribute to the growth of numerous regions within the brain, and directly increase neural connectivity. And, at a neurological level, increased connectivity translates directly to increased creative capability.

In my upcoming book, Music on Mars, we explore how naturally and profoundly musical all human beings are. We explore more about how technology is reshaping our future, and how creative capability has never been so important. We also explore how a unique approach to music education can provide critical neurological nutrition that directly impacts our creative capability.