I have been an event leader and guest speaker since the mid-1980s. For the most part, over the last 25 years, the events that I have led focus primarily on music education. I also present, from time to time, on the topic of Behavioral Mechanics, as well as long-term relationships.

As my organization has grown internationally, and the conversation about the importance of creativity has become more mainstream, I have begun presenting at higher profile events. Looking ahead to the immediate future I see that my role as the spokesperson for my organization will expand significantly. This is a unique time in human history and the need for us to understand the need for humanity to develop its creative capability, has never been more important.


Archangel Changemakers

September 10th-11th
Toronto Canada

The Archangel CHANGEMAKER event is one of the biggest personal and business development events in the world. I’m privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful assembly of entrepreneurs. In particular, I look forward to sharing about how musicianship and expanded creative capability can help us to navigate our way through the complexities associated with the arrival of the ‘technological tsunami’.

TEDx Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida USA

The aim of TEDx Jacksonville is to showcase a broad spectrum of voices. The event presents a curated selection of thinkers and doers, creators and visionaries from all areas of thought and work and life. I’ve been excited about the opportunity to present at a TED or TEDx event. I’m very much looking forward to sharing about our latest understanding of the neurological impact that creative musicianship provides.

Brave New World – The Oxford Union

Oxford, England

The Brave New World initiative is a global journey to identify and share 2,500 thought-provoking ideas from 50 cities across 35 countries worldwide. Its mission is to create a global sense of connectedness, and discover ideas that have the potential to define the time we are living in. It’s an honor for me to be presenting at the iconic Oxford Union, and sharing about my mission to elevate the creative capability of humanity.

If you would like for me to be a speaker at an upcoming event, or a guest in your podcast, please feel free to reach out and contact me directly.