My beautiful wife, Hunter, is happy, alive, satisfied, self-expressed and, basically, in love with people. She is smart, ridiculously easy to be around, loyal, devout, divine and delightful. She is both fun, and funny. Silly, playful, thoughtful and kind.

She is 64 years old, and has the wisdom, compassion and humility of a mother of three extraordinary adult children (35, 37 and 39), and grandmother to two, beautiful grandchildren. 

She has the body, strength, discipline, definition and physicality of an athletic mid-20 year old. She has the energy, vitality, brightness and aliveness of a teenager. And she has the absolute authenticity and freely-self-revealed honesty of a child.

 Whilst I truly acknowledge that all people are unique, Hunter’s version of unique is, quite frankly, ‘off-the-charts’. I have loved her from the moment I met her. She had just turned 12, I had just turned 13. That was 18,900 days ago. In those 18,900 days, I have never – ever once – known her to be any different than exactly as I have described her above. 

Are there Angels on earth? I don’t know for a ‘fact’ if there are, or if there are not. But I get a world of value in believing that there are. And, if it’s true, then most certainly, I am married, permanently bonded and deeply, profoundly in love with an exquisite Angel on Earth. 

How blessed I am!